Web Design for My Witting Business

I started a freelancing business over a year ago, and when I began, I didn’t think that I needed a website. However, I soon learned that many of the people I marketed for wanted a place to go online to learn a little about me, and the work I specialized in. While my first thought was that I would do the web design myself because I had dabbled in it in the past, the project just kept getting pushed to the bottom of my to-do list.

After web design was on my list for over two weeks, I decided it was time for me to do something about it. I finally accepted that I wouldn’t have the time (and I wasn’t ready to make room in my schedule) to do the job myself, so I started looking for a web design company that was in my price range.

It only took a few nights of research to come to this decision because so much has changed in the web design industry since I tried to build my website years ago. Now companies and people who hire freelancers were expecting your site to represent you and the quality of work you put out. Before, most businesses were happy when you just had a website with your information listed on it. They didn’t care how attractive it. They liked the fact that you had any web design at all, and it was a huge indication that you were innovative and with the trends.

However, now it seems that being a web developer or hiring one, can really take your online presence to the next level. The web designer I hired was fantastic when it came to interpreting what I was trying to get across artistically. But they were still very simplified and clean in their methods. I wanted a modern web design with plenty of personality. Dabbling in the web designing industry made me understand that it was important to sacrifice some personality and creativity if it meant that you would compromise the users ability to navigate.

I was really impressed that my web design was flawless and I actual had people come to me for once because the SEO company also optimized my site. It was finally easy for local clients to find me and I’ve actually had a few face-to-face meetings. I look forward to the future of my website and will continue to adjust the design based on current trends. I might start a second site that goes over a more informative approach to people who are trying to start in the industry I’ve made progress in. This will give me authority in my niche.

While I will be providing people with a good blueprint of how to establish connections and could eventually turn them into my competition, I want those that I market for to know that I have a lot of experience and knowledge. Plus, I can link my current website to my new web design.